How to do Marco Reus men’s hairstyle with step by step

Marco Reus  hair style is liked by many of the fans of Marco Reus football player. Marco Reus hair style is very easy to do it. You can try this hairstyle.

Marco Reus hairstyle

Step 1

  • Marco Reus hairstyle your need the haircut about top 10 to 12 cm, sides -1 to 2 cm and wide neck – 1 to 2 cm.

Step 2

  • Apply heat protector on your hair.

Step 3

  • Blow drying your hair.

Step 4

  • Straighten your top hair with your hair straightening iron.

Step 5

  • Take little amount of hair wax and spread it on your palms and fingers then apply it on your hair to style it.

Step 6

  • Comb your hair with fingers.

Step 7

  • Then slightly twist your end of the tiny section of hairs.

 Step 8

  • Finish styling your hair by applying hair spray.

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