How to do Easy French braid updo hairstyle for short hair

French braid updo hair style is very easy to do it. You can wear French braid updo hair style for your school and college, office, party, marriage and simple functions. French braid updo hairstyle is so cute and simple. French braid updo hairstyle is most suitable for short, medium and long hair. Here I give the French braid updo hair style with step by step instructions.

Step 1

  • Brush your hair.

Step 2

  • Take center partition on your hair.

Step 3

  • In left side grab your forehead hair and divide it in 3 sections and start regular 3 strand braid.

Step 4

  • While each add a section of from left side and right side alternatively.

Step 5

  • At the end of the braid secure it with elastic band.

Step 6

  • Then fold the end of the hair and insert it into the braid and secure it with bobby pin.

Step 7

  • Do it the same step for the right side also.

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